Thursday, July 07, 2011

Some Parents Turn In Their Children After Riverwest Incidents

I am not sure what set these Milwaukee young people off on July 3, whereby they looted a BP gas station. I suspect they were simply acting up in a way they felt could not be challenged, but hopefully they are wrong. While police are using the video to investigate, some parents are ahead of the game in turning in their own children, similar to what happened in Vancouver a few weeks ago, when Boston defeated the Canucks in the Stanley Cup. No matter where disorder happens, policing (when it works) can only enforce a minimum standard of behavior, while good parenting leads. (video here).

James C. Collier


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Looking To Escape said...

You have to admire the mother and yet feel great sympathy for her at the same time.
Probably one of the hardest things for a parent to do is what Kizzy did, admitting she lost control of her kids. One can only hope her kids learn something good from her actions and realize what their mother did was done out of love.

Jim-Jim said...

I'm glad to hear this. The police cannot be everywhere. Unless a critical mass of the population has a conscience, we are doomed.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

It's true some parents have dropped the ball in their parental jobs,but I can't help but ask,how much of this behavior is a reflection of our new value system?

Invisible Man said...

Good. Hopefully some of the other parents will step to the plate. Not just in this case but in any case where they know the children they've brought into this world
are responsible for behavior like this.

But for some reason I dont see this as setting a precedent.


Anonymous said...

This seems to be in style now, at least from what is in the news. I don't live in the states so I don't know much about it.
It's alarming and concerning because these are youngsters could very well get carried away with some action that could ruin the rest of their lives!

I would state that values are put in place in the home wothin the family nucleus, but then again there are so many outside influences that have to be examined also.

I think what the parents did by making them own up is commendable, and the only thing to do in this situation in order to teach a lesson, but, my question would be, what made them go along with this behavior in the first place?

Unamused said...

I'm disappointed that you did not mention the other part of this incident: after looting the gas station, the mob of 50-60 blacks teens viciously attacked 15-20 white teens in Reservoir Park. They were laughing and using racial slurs while kicking, punching, robbing, and throwing full beer bottles at them.