Sunday, June 19, 2011

Keepin' it Real Goes Wrong For UNM Football Player

"Police say a University of New Mexico football player's saggy pants led to his arrest at San Francisco International Airport. Sgt. Michael Rodriguez says 20-year-old Deshon Marman was boarding a flight Wednesday to Albuquerque, N.M., when a U.S. Airways employee noticed his pants were 'below his buttocks, but above the knees, and his boxer shorts were showing.' Rodriguez tells the San Francisco Chronicle that the employee asked Marman to pull up his pants, but he refused. She then asked him to leave the plane. The officer says that after 15 minutes, Marman got off the plane and was cited for trespassing."

"Chief Deputy DA Wagstaffe explained that Marman has not yet been charged with any crime and that prosecutors will be reviewing the case between now and the July 18 arraignment. He said his office had asked for additional accounts of the incident from airline personnel and passengers.

Police arrested Marman on suspicion of three crimes: battery on a police officer, a felony, and resisting arrest and trespassing, both misdemeanors. He faces up to four years in state prison on the battery charge, and one year and six months, respectively, in a county jail for resisting arrest and trespassing."

Marman has since apologized and stated that if he had it to do again he would have pulled up his pants.

Let's see...sagging pants vs. losing scholarship, prison, etc. Damn straight he wants a do-over.

James C. Collier


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Chad Stanton said...

"Policing morals is okay as long as they're the morals that I espouse" - shorter James C. Collier

sewa mobil said...

Nice article, thanks for the information.

James C. Collier said...

Chad, rules of behavior are constantly changing, and democracy gives us each a say. Young Marman more simply needs to better manage his tradeoffs to get what he wants out of life.

Anonymous said...

James C. Collier said...
Young Marman more simply needs to better manage his tradeoffs to get what he wants out of life.
I agree. He is very young perhaps all of his social judgments are not firmly in place yet. I hope he has advisers that can help him to continue on successfully.

Trew said...

Marman's first response was to defy the rules and authority, and to continue to do so once called on it. This is his true personality and character. His low IQ prevented him from seeing the consequences of his own choices.

jimi said...

while sagging pants are not something that I want to see or my kids to see for that matter, I hardly think that is a reason for being deplaned.

Invisible Man said...

Hopefully the young has come to understand that not only is there a time and place to express your individuality.

Whats with the "low I.Q." comment? You cant discuss an issue in an adult fashion?

Anonymous said...

I just watched an ABC interview with Mr.Marman and he is a very nice young man. Not only does he not seem defiant in the least, he states that his pants were just below his waist and no lower. Until proven otherwise, I believe him. He seems honest and real.
I agree with the commenter jimi "that is hardly a reason to be deplaned"!

We may have another case of "color arousal" and subsequent overreacting.

Anonymous said...

The overreaction was his, especially if his pants were just below his waist as he says.
He couldn't just have pulled them up those last inches to avoid all the mess?

If he refused, and he did, his defiant attitude is what got him in trouble.

"Nice young man" or not he refused a direct and reasonable request and it got him booted off the plane.

You weigh the pros and cons and if you take the cons you may well became one.

Looking To Escape said...

I hate sagging pants... it speaks volumes about the wearer, very little of it good.
Clearly Marman needs proper attire such as this man demonstrates:
The blessings of diversity.

Anonymous said...

Looking To Escape said...
Clearly Marman needs proper attire such as this man demonstrates:
The blessings of diversity.
Clearly!!! LOL! This airline clrearly has a dress code for black people but no dress code for whites. Nice. They let on a man in skimpy womens PANTIES and negligee and bootsm and that's okay!


elvislives4u said...

"You sagg yo pants round here, some one ill be up in yo but"- Fleece Johnson