Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Acting White: Dolla Killer (Alleged) Black, Surprise!

To follow-up my semi-retired fellow-bloggerista UBM (here), just-murdered gansta rapper Dolla seems to have been done in by a fellow Atlantan, with whom I'm sure he had a petty beef.

Of interesting note, Dolla's step-father George Viera stated, "Dolla was not a stereotypical gangsta rapper. "It was a character he played,"". Well, he played it too damn well for my taste. I guess the script said die at the hands of another black man in a hail of gun fire, and that is just what young Dolla delivered on cue.

As told, Dolla started his life of gangsta rapping at the age of twelve, so am I to assume that it was then that his father sanctioned his first tattoo, along with providing the encouragement that resulted in his hit single "Who the F--- Is That."?

Too sad, for us all.

James C. Collier

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Anonymous said...

Good Riddance!

GoldenAh said...

I've never heard of this guy. Odd, how much he looks like Ice-T (someone I know more of as an actor than rapper).

It's not just guys like Dolla. This young actor Merlin Santana was a semi-regular on the Steve Harvey show. He was shot in the head while sitting in a car.

We know the stats, there's a horrible murder rate among young minorities. It makes no sense at all.

lincolnperry said...

Well, the paradigm is shifing from these role models. I talked with a young man at a technical school today, and recommend several books for him to read.

It helps that some of these 40 year old rappers and their proteges are coming to their senses with events of the recent election. There role models are growing up. I seen Jay Z on three magazine covers wearing suit, and periodicals were not target to his core demographic. So thats some progress!

sungod said...

I dont know what the deal was with the death but I believe if you portray that lifestyle then either be in it or dont associate with it. I dont condone violence but if you aint a gangster dont act like it cuz someone WILL test your theory. Be yourself and I believe you have a better chance of living. In rap a lot of times you work travels with you it isnt like a 9 to 5 where u cant come home and not think about it.