Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Acting White: Jindal Flops

After his performance the other night, no one in their right-mind would ever think that LA Governor Bobby Jindal could get elected as dog-catcher of the United States, let alone as president. The Republican rebuttal he gave to Obama’s speech to Congress was dead-on-arrival, in just about every way. No heart, no soul, no logic. Zip do-da.

Jindal is clearly a smart guy, but just as is the case with Obama, smartness only qualifies you to teach in the university, not to be president. Leadership requires that people want to follow you, not run to the kitchen for a re-fill while you drone on. Jindal clearly showed that he is missing that special something-something that erupts when the director yells ‘and we are live’, with America on the edge of their seats.

The only person that seemed to like Jindal was Rush Limbaugh, and everyone knows that what Rush likes mostly is himself, pharma and money, in whatever order he can obtain them. He clearly sees these items in support of Jindal, but will quickly switch his tune when he can save face in some twisted-logic kind of way.

I am still a supporter of the two-party system, but the Republicans are not holding up their end. Their only political hand is to be supportive of Obama and hope that the public loses confidence, before the patients (we the people) expire. Critical progress requires that Republicans be more competitive, and that’s just not going to happen – as they, be they elephants or donkeys, are cut from the same bolt of cloth. So in the end the GOP needs to shut-up and let Obama and the Dems make their run at turning around the Bush debacle, until and unless the situation and people demand another change.

James C. Collier


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She Draws said...

Sorry you had to witness that disaster. He's my governor and I'm very disappointed in his "response". It sounded as if he was doing a campaign commercial for what 30 min or so.." Hi, I'm Bobby Jindal"...get the f*&$ outta here!


Anonymous said...

What's worse is that there are some people who actually responded well to his fluff of a commercial. "Americans can do anything!" Just another catchphrase to go along with "Country first" or "I am Joe the Plumber."

Anonymous said...

Having a bad day Mr. Collier?

I have come to expect more thoughtful content from you than this.

Your criticism doesn't accomplish one thing but apparently you just needed to vent.

So Obama can make a speech and Jindal can't.
Big whoopee.

So far Obama has delivered on very little in his speeches.
In fact he has dug a very deep hole in our debt that we may never find our way out of and with the 400 million plus omnibus bill coming full of thousands of earmarks it's only getting deeper. The hole and the bs.

He knows how to twist the crap out of the truth. No earmarks in the stimulus bill. Pure bunk.
Yes I know there are no strictly congressional earmarks by that name but there is wasteful spending that can easily be called earmarks in it as discussed in this NPR article.

Just depends on your point of view. Of course Obama's will be they are not earmarks even though they meet the definition of the same.
200 million dollars to reseed the mall?
Come ON!

Not everyone has been groomed by the Chitown elite like Obama for speech making and you can see it's influence.

I guess he learned how to stir up the folks from the likes of Rev. Wright.

James C. Collier said...

Anon 9:31, I happen to think the stimulus plan, whoever writes it, is the hair-of-the-dog approach destined to fail. Misplaced consumption behavior is at the root of our problems. The sad thing is that McCain would have done no better toward changing people's thinking.

Anonymous said...

You know you may be right about McCain, no doubt.

How does one change an entire nation's ideals on spending?

But I was mistaken in my post.

It's a 400 Billion plus omnibus bill.
Not 400 million. Sheesh

And you are extremely correct on the misplaced consumption.

The everyday citizen buys way more junk than they have to have.

I suppose they are just mirroring the government.

It's a vicious cycle.

Thanks for the thoughtfulness.