Sunday, June 15, 2008

Acting White: Angry Blogger, Side Bar #6

I’m a bit angry this Father's Day. I spent real time over the last two days jousting with my white brethren over at Mangan’s Miscellany. The blogger, Dennis Mangan, is a grumpy white guy frustrated with the impact blacks are having on the quality of his living. After getting to know the man, I count Dennis as a friend worthy of the effort to see through his frustration to what he is about - separate from many of his followers.

The other day he wrote a blog about the Philly platform murder of a white man by black youths entitled, “Open Season on Whites?”. I commented that the fear whites have today of blacks is similar to the fear blacks had of whites in the past. He and his readers took this as excusing the behavior, which it was not. Anyway that is not my point - go to the site if you want to see the flood gate I opened and my stand.

However, what pisses me off is to hear today about four “negroes” in Philly who robbed, assaulted and raped a white woman in her home, netting $600 in the gruesome process. I’m with Dennis and the Field Negro on this – where do I buy a chance to pull the switch on these animals? The nuance of my words don’t mean shit when you think about that poor man and woman in Philly.

James C. Collier


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Anonymous said...

Your reference to those four "negroes" as "animals" explains a lot about the title of your blog. You do act white.

James C. Collier said...

Caspie: What? I did not say black animals. And since when is it that blacks can't be animals? Just like they can't be racist too, I suppose. Don't let all them trees keep you from seeing the forest.

James C. Collier said...

Duchess: "Your apologist buddy", sounds kinda like 'you people'. Try to stay in the lane, please.

Duchess Of Austin said...

James...he IS an apologist. He's one of those blacks who thinks racism is only for white people, and he makes excuses for all kinds of bad life choices on the part of blacks because of "institutional racism." I say hogwash.

If institutional racism is as pervasive as Mr. Macon D says, then how did Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton get to be where they are? 50 years ago, the closest either of them would have gotten to the white house is to serve cocktails and dinner....

But, of course, perhaps race baiting is a living and these guys need to make sure that racism lives so they won't become the obsolete dinosaurs abolishing racism would make a hurry. Can you say...job security?

george said...

I am in central North Carolina and I had a similar feeling in March when the student body president of the University of North Carolina (a brilliant and attractive blonde by the name of Eve Carson) was abducted from her apartment and murdered by two black gang-bangers (who apparently drove her SUV to an ATM to use her card).

As much as I am embarrassed (as a black man) by the fact that this occurred, one STILL MUST ask WHY.
These black men did NOT come OUT OF THE WOMB as baby boys more PRONE to to do this sort of thing than their white counterparts. Am I excusing their behavior? *YES, ABSOLUTELY*, and that does not diminish in ANY way the sense of loss I feel about the victim (almost everybody in my family has a degree from UNC).

The bottom line IS VERY plainly and simply that IF white people WANT this kind of thing to stop happening to them, THEN THEY need to SPEND THE MONEY to address the root causes. AVERAGE white people don't want to hear that, because they don't HAVE the money. But they still have a lot MORE money THAN BLACK people, and they still have the power to vote AGAINST rich white RIGHT-wingers who are perpetuating the inequality.

Your alleged friend Dennis IS NOT your friend and IS NOT worthy. Black people ARE NOT costing him JACK compared to what the defense budget and oil companies are costing him, or what having allowed Republicans to get elected is costing him in terms of corporate welfare for drug companies, not to mention costs of his own medical insurance.

It is STUPID FOR ANYbody to blame the most powerLESS segments of society FOR ANYthing. The people WITH the power have to fix the problems.