Friday, September 29, 2006

Now, Even Allen's Apologies Are Getting Him in Trouble

Now, Even Allen's Apologies Are Getting Him in Trouble

People lie and polygraphs are inadmissible in court. With that backdrop, George Allen's problems are that he has a storied history, as the namesake of his famous father, which makes us wonder that even while some of his detractors may be lying, others are reasonably telling the truth. That truth, whatever it may be, only matters because he is trying to lead people somewhere and some of those people do not want a destination where racial taunts are in the trick bag.

But, enough on George. The emphasis we have on name-calling is fascinating. From macaca to nigger, we are getting a great lesson in the power of words, and one word in particular, to communicate so much. But why is it the 'gold-standard' of demeaning terms - the term by which all other demeaning terms are judged?

Whenever a demeaning act is committed by anyone, its relative severity is established against a standard of how Blacks have been viewed, portrayed, and treated in America. This does not mean the world has not treated others poorly, or worse, but rather that the relationship of America with its Blacks somehow exposes the un-reconciled moral beginnings of the most advanced, 'moral-high ground grabbing', and 'wannabe-leading' society on the planet.

Without an open pursuit and understanding of why Blacks, as a group, persist at the bottom of society, we will not only continue to create and support racist ideology, but also hold onto tactical and re-enforcing extensions, like racial taunting. The word will go away when its reason for being, the disparity, substantially goes away. However, words, even as the ugliest of reflections, do not make the person or plight - rather history shows repeatedly it is a person's choices.

James C. Collier


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your link to the test. It was quite interesting. Apparently I have little or no preference for Europeans over African Americans :)