Friday, August 04, 2006

Grand Jury to Probe La. Bridge Blockade

Grand Jury to Probe La. Bridge Blockade - AP

La. Police Who Turned Away Katrina Victims Face Inquiry - AP

Feds Probe Post-Katrina Bridge Blockade - AP

There is no excuse for authorities turning back evacuees fleeing New Orleans and the results of hurricane Katrina. For a country to turn its back on its citizens is to turn our backs on our future, a future guided by a constitution that binds and protects the common good of us all.

Those Southerners, who recently displayed such righteous indignation at having to re-digest the Voting Rights Act they so richly earned, need look no further for explanation than their continued behavior, as on the bridges connecting them to New Orleans.

Hopefully, the grand jury will recognize the behavior of the law enforcement officers as unconstitutional and sanction them with the full power of the law they so selfishly ignored during this difficult time.

James C. Collier


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