Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Economics of Discrimination et al

The Economics of Discrimination - Washington Post

Feeling Unwelcome, Some Gays Vacate Virginia - Washington Post

Virginians, as well as citizens of other states looking to discriminate against gay people, should consider an even stronger incentive to avoid this damaging behavior. Yes, states that block same sex unions are less inviting to others and will indeed suffer, but this is just the beginning. Once arbitrary criteria gains official sanction, the merit-reward rule-of-advancement not only takes a step back, but goes to the end of the line of that society’s governing policy.

Analysts are correct in asserting that the steadfast pre-occupation of Southerners with maintaining Jim Crow policy made the region uninviting to growth industries. However, it was more damning that ante bellum Whites could not maintain discriminatory practices against Blacks, and at the same time, nurture advancing practices of merit within their own majority. In proverbial terms, ‘once the well is poisoned for one, it is poisoned for all’.

Southern Whites, attempting to help their region ‘rise again’, have simply never been those best able to do so, as the method for their selection and leadership has continued to be overly influenced by Southern tradition, including racism, and not competitive single-mindedness.

In fairness, the argument cuts both ways for Blacks as well. The group cannot insist on merit-based reward systems for opportunity while maintaining a four-decade dependence upon skin-color-based ‘plus factor’ enhancement. To do so only insures that the most capable and deserving members of the group will be under motivated and inadequately served, with all its resulting damage.

James C. Collier


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