Sunday, April 24, 2011

Abortion: Black Genocide vs. Performance Gap

There is a growing right-to-life strategy, in America, of labeling legal abortions as racism and genocide. Nothing could be further from the truth. The disproportion in black abortions reported is not due to a conspiracy of whites, in general, or Planned Parenthood specifically. Rather, it is the direct result of black women and men, together, shifting the responsibility of whether or not to potentially make a baby until after conception. I suggest that this is a performance gap (of responsibility).

According to the US Census Bureau and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), black women, as just over 12% of the US population, have 36% of the total abortions. Hispanic women in equal percentages have 25% of the abortions. White women, at 69% of the population have but 36% of all abortions. In all cases, these abortions are the choice of the mother, courtesy of Roe v. Wade and the right granted by the Supreme Court for women to control their own bodies.

In keeping with the disparity in baby decision-making between whites and blacks, white contraception usage in the US is 65%, versus 55% for blacks, and 59% for Hispanics, according to the US Census Bureau.

Beyond the evangelical hype, genocide is when one group of people goes about killing another group. In this case, black women are forcing themselves, at higher numbers, into an after-the-fact abortion decision, rather than a before-the-fact contraception decision with their sexual partner. This is not genocide, but rather it is a crude, emotional, and expensive form of birth-control.

Right-to-life organizations are certainly within their own rights to continue to wage their battle to overturn Rowe v. Wade on religious and moral grounds, but the manufacture of a race-card defense is neither moral nor religious. The accusation of whites, by whites or blacks, of purposely killing black babies for the purpose of extinguishing the group is wrong-headed and plays upon the blacks-as-forever-victims-of-the-white-man meme, even if by their own hands.

James C. Collier


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Janis Lane said...

I completely agree. I feel this is an example of people forgetting that there are other things besides completely loving a race or racism.

People forget to consider there are a lot of lower income females who get abortion. While rich folks DO get abortions, obviously, they are thinking more about their money and are smart enough to know that in an industrial nation, opposed to an agricultural one, that a child costs tons of money. If they aren't thinking of passing on their seed, they abort the kid. Or even better, wear a friggin' condom.

I've also got to add, most children up for adoption are Blacks. If anything, the problem is not genocide, but the fact the Black community isn't controlling its less "intelligent" members and keeping them from having sex and making babies they don't want/can't care for/plan to use for money. How can we control our own members? We can't.

But its disgusting to shift blame to Whites as usual just because a bunch of idiots can't keep it in their pants.

atldude said...

we have billboards all around ATL spewing this trash. the first time I saw it I seriously thought there were joking, it's that absurd.

This kind of thinking - "blacks-as-forever-victims-of-the-white-man" - is a slippery slope. When you blame someone else you are saying you are not responsible for it. How much responsibility do you want to give away?

Anonymous said...

Watch the documentary film- Maafa21 and then draw your conclusions...

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]The accusation of whites, by whites or blacks, of purposely killing black babies for the purpose of extinguishing the group is wrong-headed and plays upon the blacks-as-forever-victims-of-the-white-man meme, even if by their own hands.[/quote]

Mr Collier:

The use of the RACIST THREAT is an important tactic to compel Black folks to do something because of the power of FEAR and/or racial defensiveness. As election-time comes nigh expect the opinion columns of Black Progressive-Fundamentalists to play their part.

Your post represents a missed opportunity because while you fended off the "emotional exercisers" - you missed out in expounding upon your key CAUSAL assessment:

[quote]Rather, it is the direct result of black women and men, together, shifting the responsibility of whether or not to potentially make a baby until after conception. I suggest that this is a performance gap (of responsibility).[/quote]

Here is my "big picture".
Indeed more conservative leaning evangelicals are using cultural cajoling and fear to get to the point of reduced aborted Black babies.

Let's imagine, however, if we considered the big picture desires of most Black Americans:

* We want our children living in environments that are conducive to their development.
* All of the research shows that a BLACK COUPLE, in a COMMITTED RELATIONSHIP, having obtained their EDUCATION, who WAIT UNTIL THEY ARE MATURE, who are GAINFULLY EMPLOYED have the greatest likelihood of producing favorable results for our people NOW and in the future.

From my perspective - the focus on RIGHTS is ultimately IRRELEVANT. After defending the "right" of woman to control her body - this "victory" has not moved the ball for our people one bit.

INSTEAD a more compelling engagement for all will be to REVERSE ENGINEER the desired outcomes that we all want - and promote the elements of the healthy, nurturing relationship for our people - convincing the masses that the greatest SOCIAL JUSTICE that we could ever bring forth is when WE VALUE OUR OWN PEOPLE enough to submit our own will to the proven methodology for creating GREATNESS.

Constructive Feedback said...


You argue that the "Ghetto Rats" are producing these results BUT you need to also consider that the present "Black Political Agenda" is to "harvest the EQUAL BALLOTS" from these same people as a means of tipping the political balance in favor of the Progressive-Fundamentalists so that (key point coming up) THEY CAN BE RAISED UP TO THE DESIRED STANDARD OF LIVING THAT ALL AMERICANS SHOULD BE AFFORDED PER THEIR "SOCIAL JUSTICE RIGHTS".

To PRETEND that their reckless behavior in regards to "Intimage Body Fluid Exchange" can be abstracted from the results that our community is suffering from ONLY TO SEE these operatives USE their grief to run on a VICTIMS platform IS THE PROBLEM. Its an OUTSOURCING PROBLEM.


You are correct that this is a matter of projecting victimhood.

The more significant issue, however, is that the Black Establishment who has gotten control over all of our local "Human Resource Development Institutions" have failed to create in infrastructure by which ORGANIC COMPETENCIES could be developed using these institutions. Instead "the first Black" phenomenon was their motivation.

While this is indeed propaganda - at least they are not demanding that the GOVERNMENT come in to arrest the women for having the procedure.

Matt said...

I've always found the "women in control of their bodies" rhetoric to be a bit overdone. The overturn of abortion laws was pushed by rich men who wanted to sleep with their secretaries without their wives finding out. You'll notice that it didn't happen until after California-style (50/50) divorce laws came into play. Before that, it was cheap and easy for men to father children and keep women in two different social classes, one lower and one higher.

Once that changed, the Supremes followed the lead of the Rockefeller Republicans in New York State and crafted a new solution to the problem, with feminist rhetoric as a fig leaf. To this day men are more likely than women to be pro-choice.

It's undeniable that the early pro-abortionists also used "keep America white" argumentation, but I suppose it's possible that they were doing so disingenuously.

Anonymous said...

Bottom line and all the BS aside.
If a person, any person, doesn't have the means, the will, or the love to have a baby it's a lot easier to not get pregnant than to get pregnant and have an abortion.

Many children suffer endlessly because of the people that brought them into this world without having all of the above and I guess that's just fine with those that say it's their right to do so.

I am in complete agreement with you Mr. Collier.

Anonymous said...

I find it so disturbing.

I wish there were pro-condom/contraceptive vocal movements to counterbalance a possible negative influence on how many children black (actually, more specifically poor people, regardless of being black or not... and I'm also not caring a lot if a black family has many children as long as they can support all of them with a good standard of living, even though I'm not all that happy with anyone having too many children anyway... I'm a "malthusian", not quite calm with the prospects for future population growth, energy, resources, economy and conflict).

And I find it so disgusting as it tries to exploit a sense of being a victim, of racial hatred and all that. That's perhaps the most coward, damaging and exploitative way of playing "the race card".

It's not a matter of denying that there is racism, the problem is that perceived racism affects one's mental health regardless of being real or not. Living in denial of actual racism would actually be healthier in some cases, whenever it's just a matter of some bigot's opinion, and nothing like job discrimination or something that extends beyond the thoughts and the words someone pronounces.