Thursday, April 20, 2006

Montgomery Woman Gets 7 Years in Domestic Slavery Case

Montgomery Woman Gets 7 Years in Domestic Slavery Case - Washington Post

In this day, it is painful for anyone of conscience to hear of another person being enslaved. After all, humankind made its moral leap nearly 200 years ago, after thousands of years of the practice with barely an utterance of protest.

Slavery has existed for eons, but it was never reasonable or the hallmark of any particular group. Its one redemption was that it represented an evolutionary advance from its predecessor, that of simply killing those we saw as competitors.

Some might say death was preferable, but the finality of death left no option for evolving to where we are today. Slavery still exists, but hopefully as a lessening artifact.

Many Blacks and Whites might read the story of this Nigerian girl-woman and secretly hope the perpetrator did not look like them. Why? Because we hold too dearly our notions from the past of who is bad and who is good - notions that are wrong.

What does it mean if Blacks are complicit? What does it remind us of if instead Whites commit these crimes? Absolutely nothing. The only predispositions we have are to be human, including behaving both admirably and despicably.

I appreciate that our country was able find some amount of justice for this more than deserving young woman.

James C. Collier


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