Monday, April 09, 2007

Imus Takes His Lumps on Sharpton's Show

Imus Takes His Lumps on Sharpton's Show - Washington Post


One minute an airhead hotel heiress is ‘caught’ without her panties and the next thing you know every Tom, Dick, and Britney Spears are showing us panty-less crotches. Then comes drunken Mel with his anti-Semitic tirade, followed by Michael Richards, Isaiah Washington, and now Don ‘nappy-head’ Imus. Throw in the wildcard Gov’nator of California, Arnold Schwartza’negro, and prime time won’t be able to handle the apology traffic.

I can just imagine what George Bush’s handlers are working on even as we speak. Surely he could make some off-hand racist or sexist reference to Condi that would get his bee-hind out of Dodge, while giving his ratings a boost. He’d better be quick about it though, the Reverends Al and Jesse are stacking the guest apologies up like mid-day traffic at O’Hare. Each will undoubted have a daily ‘white man with his tail-between-his- legs’ talk show. The Vatican is probably thinking where the heck is that Farther Guido Sarducci dude when he could finally generate some serious Nielsons.

Anyway, I am tired of these ‘accidental’ racist screw-ups. They are not accidental, but rather lame attempts for people to exploit the level of stupidity we all have achieved. We dignify foolishness by recognizing it in full 360-degree THX YouTube-captured fidelity, way past the point of news worthiness. It is sad that we are so firmly ensconced in the age of ‘info-tainment’.

I will stop now, before I say something I will regret, all the way to the bank.

James C. Collier


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Duchess Of Austin said...

Wow...thanks for your comment on my blog. Do you read LaShawn Barber? Your opinions line up very much with hers, and I love her stuff.

She really nailed it on the Duke debacle.