Saturday, June 17, 2006

Obama's Profile Has Democrats Taking Notice et al

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The top ten reasons why people like Barack Obama as a presidential candidate in 2008.

1. He makes 2008 meaningful. He raises the presidential bar. Any Republican who beats Obama will have to have a lot more on the ball than George W. Bush. Election 2008 becomes more of a win-win for the country, if he runs.

2. He is the face of Black and immigrant contribution to this country. The country gets to look a Black Leader, with immigrant roots, in the eye, without pause and with a feeling that they are looking at the solution, not the problem, facing Blacks, immigrants, and the country as a whole.

3. He is inarguably intelligent. Obama’s path to and at Harvard Law speaks loudly of educational performance and results that too many Blacks and Whites believe not to be within the group’s ethic or capacity.

4. No race card. He does not seem to have a ‘race’ card in his repertoire.

5. No guilt card. He does not seem to have a ‘guilt’ card in his repertoire.

6. He is a melting pot. Obama’s mixed heritage, African and European, bridges historically competing groups, in a manner where merit, fairness, and opportunity have equal weight.

7. He loves this country. As the son of a third-world immigrant, he views America, warts and all, as a great place to pursue his dreams, and reminds Black people of this fact.

8. He has a Colin Powell ‘feel’ to him, minus the ‘drag’ of Ronald Reagan and divisive Republican politics.

9. He is Black, but no ‘dark horse’. Despite what the pundits say about Hillary Clinton, or Kerry, or Gore, none are remotely viable candidates to win the highest office, compared to Obama.

10. He is elect-able. White people, the majority, who claim him publicly, will also vote for him privately – this is the gauntlet from Congress to the Senate.

James C. Collier


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