Friday, June 23, 2006

Bigotry Beneath the Fog

Bigotry Beneath the Fog - Washington Post

The most important aspect of human behavior is to remember that, individually and collectively, it represents the trailing edge of thought. While the Republican caucus stalls, by behavior, the extension of the voting rights act, they tell part of the story of how the southern White electorate they represent is really still the ‘old’ south, steeped in thoughts of controlling Blacks for selfish benefit.

Also recall that 50%, roughly 20 million, of US Blacks still live in this new ‘old’ south, and in voting numbers that could make a real difference if fully exercised. The sad truth is that these votes are indeed not exercised – hence the sea of ‘blue’ states throughout the south. The reasons for this have as much to do with Blacks, as it does with Whites thwarting the exercise of the vote.

Blacks turn out to vote, with exception, in disproportionately low numbers. This is largely influenced by limited education and experience that has Blacks poorly comprehending the economic impact of staying away from the polls. Add to this the gerrymandering, by Whites, to isolate and reduce voting advantage. What remains is White control, even when Blacks are the majority.

Blocking the voting act for reasons of bi-lingual ballots is just an opportunistic play to make sure immigration reform gets no help as the two-side’s posture for the final battle. The objective of voting is to accurately capture the voter's choice, not to re-test for citizenship qualification.

Nonetheless, Blacks are in a political stalemate, from which only they can extract themselves. The behaviors of some Whites, including southern Republicans, will continue to seek unfair advantage despite protest. In the end it is Blacks who must step up their voting, not only against issues, but rather 'for' programs, initiatives, and candidates that offer significantly more than complaining voices, falling on deaf ears.

James C. Collier


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