Wednesday, March 07, 2012

U-S-A Chant Deemed Racist At Texas HS Basketball Game

The coach, and school district authorities of Alamo Heights, in Texas, apologized to Edison HS of the San Antonio Independent School District for chanting "U-S-A" repeatedly after a basketball victory, implying that the losing school affiliates were not citizens. Sounds like this is not an isolated case, but rather a recurring display of bigotry and insensitivity sometimes witnessed in that part of the country. Kudos to the Alamo Heights coach for putting his foot down.

Who says racism doesn't bring out the creativity in some folks, and responsible behavior in others?

James C. Collier


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Looking To Escape said...

It is not often reported how many Mexican-Americans cheer for the Mexican side when it is a USA vs Mexico game.
To not see these people as not American can be very understandable.

Anonymous said...

No one made the Mexican-Americans of Los Angeles apologize when the overly Mexican-American crowd cheered Mexico and booed the USA and booed the American National Anthem. In fact, the after-game ceremonies to award the trophy were conducted in Spanish.

Somehow that's acceptable... ?

It makes complete sense that established, English-speaking, American-cultured Americans view the Spanish-speaking, non-integrating, Mexican-American community as foreigners.

James C. Collier said...

Of Note...Conservative San Antonian Geo. Rodriquez provides that the U-S-A chant was in response to Edison HS kids chanting "Alamo Whites" (ryhmes with Alamo Heights).

Anonymous said...

I really don't care about these Mexicans, they're just as racist against many blacks as white are.