Thursday, August 05, 2010

Omar Thornton: Mass Murderer

It never ceases to amaze me the myriad of agendas that surface and latch-on when some nut-job kills a bunch of people. If the killer is black, and victims’ white, he must have hated white people, or alternately, the victims must have done something racist to provoke the killer’s rampage, like called him the N-word.

While either or both of these accusations may be true, I submit that someone who goes on a killing spree, such as Omar Thornton’s, has major screws gone loose, well beyond being called names, or having a dislike of whites. Yes, Omar snapped, but the people who are jumping on the race bandwagon are off-base. You do not take off down Carnage Rd. ending with you putting a bullet in your scull because of racism. At least, not if you are a rational human being. Full state-of-mind should be the focus, before we jump to race, no matter what his girlfriend says or what the lunatic told his mother.

I suspected that Omar’s girlfriend of eight years, Kristi Hannah (pictured) was white, so I looked her up – yep, she is white. Now if black Omar simply hated white people, something in the puzzle is missing, as Ms. Hannah describes him as the kindest person on earth. If his workplace was a cesspool of racism, I doubt that all of his co-workers could/would conspire to keep it a secret. On the other hand, if Omar had undiagnosed mental problems, his killing spree behavior starts to paint a believable picture. I doubt that Omar's family is telling his whole story just yet.

In the coming weeks more will come out on Omar's history, his workplace, and his state of mind. There are other blacks at that workplace - what do they have to say about plant racism, and Omar? For now, people on all sides need to stop with how this proves their race theories, rather than what we know right now - that Omar lost his mind and a bunch of people who should be alive and well are dead.

James C. Collier


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Anonymous said...


We've seen this before. In between the time he was caught steeling beer and the time of his disciplinary meeting with his supervisor, it ceased to be personal and became, in his own mind, about racism. Maybe he was paranoid and the feelings of persecution were deep-seated. Maybe he just wanted to blame someone else for his troubles and it got out of hand. But, the point is, he felt put out and it was easier to make it a racial thing than to accept his own responsibility.

It's the same thing with the Michael Richards debacle: a guy of one race, surrounded by people of another race, isn't doing a good job and gets called out for it. Only Richards didn't have a gun, he just had a microphone and career to destroy.

Anonymous said...

Poverty, low pay, hard work jobs, abusive supervisors, not caring about employees,and a mind that was to the breaking point, have to do with this! White, yellow, red brown or black!

Workplace violence is a fact of American life, and has to be studied and addressed. But unfortunately we know it won't be, because this is capitalism, the American way!!!

Greg said...

Well, I suppose you can attribute it to poverty, low pay, hard work jobs, etc... but I find that an excuse.

Mass murderers usually go on killing sprees because of Ego. They believe so wholeheartedly that THEIR problem is so unbelievably tragic and important that others should have to suffer or even die because of it.

I've seen it before from all races, creeds and monetary levels. Look at fathers or mothers that go through a divorce and say, if I can't have my kid then I will kill him or her and myself.

It's based in ego and sociopathic/psychopathic behavior.

This had absolutely nothing to do with melatonin (my new word for race every time it's used as an excuse or tool)...


Anonymous said...

To Desert Flower who tries to justify the horrible pre meditated murders by Omar Thorton she writes:

"Poverty, low pay, hard work jobs, abusive supervisors, not caring about employees,and a mind that was to the breaking point.."

No Desert Flower, Omar Thorton did not have a
low pay, hard work job. Omar had a very good, high paying Teamsters Union job, ~ $60K per year, the kind of job most regular Americans would do most anything to have.

Omar was apparently not very "hard working" as he was found out to have stolen lots of beer. Check his past employment records, he was dismissed from a many jobs, only he claimed it was never his fault.

Sorry Ms. Desert Flower murdering people is not a "civil right". It's a "civil wrong". So is stealing beer.

Omar Thorton could have gotten married to a decent Black African American woman and supported a Black African American family on his $60,000 a year Teamsters Union job.

Instead, Omar decided to whore around with some White trash mud shark and supplement his high income by stealing beer. Then when caught and giving a very generous termination, where he resigns instead of being FIRED FOR STEALING, he decides to commit pre meditated mass murdered of White co-workers.

Jonathan said...

It's really simple.

Omar couldn't come up with a good explanation for his gf and his family, about why he was fixing to get fired from his 60K job for stealing. He couldn't man up to the truth.

Maybe he had a gambling addiction, maybe drugs, high debts? Maybe he just liked the thrill. For whatever reason, he dug himself a deeper hole by stealing.

He saw his future evaporating before his eyes, and decided to end it all.

The lies about the graffiti on the walls are either incidental stories he told beforehand, or lies his gf made up to give him an excuse.