Saturday, January 31, 2009

Acting White: Michael Steele to Chair the RNC

I have no disparaging retorts for Republican and former Lt. Governor of Maryland, Michael Steele, as he takes over the lead of the Republican National Committee. There are those who would call Steele Uncle Tom-like and question his blackness, but not me. Opinions aside, his desire to lead is not, in itself, an indicator of selling out. The Committee’s antics, in this election, hurt John McCain more than helped. Steele may be just what they need, an excuse to behave like mature stewards of the GOP.

In part, I attribute Steele’s victory to the Obama Effect, the contagious belief, by voting majorities, that a black person can do more than simply bid his racial interest. I was tired of white leaders and voters pretending that they are the only people who can look after everybody’s well-being. Hogwash!

However, I will not be turning in my independent voter card to Republicans, just as I stayed sober with the Democrats, before and after Obama won. My vote goes to the person, not the party, that I believe has America’s best interest at heart. Obama’s win, and similar wins like Deval Patrick of Massachusetts, and even Steele’s RNC win, remind me that black interests and that of all Americans is not, nor can it be, separate or exclusive of each other. It is political race-cardsmanship to believe only Democrats or Republicans can represent a particular group.

Conservative blacks need a welcoming political home, a place that they can belong. Our 2+ political party system is stronger on all sides of the aisle because black conservatives will have a greater voice in their party. I have high hope that this participation will put a reversal to the divisive Republican antics that have ruled the party for too long. Many Republicans have looked the other way when people like Saltsman dis-invited badly needed non-white support, purely on the basis of skin color, rather than political ideology. Perhaps Obama’s win will provide the Republican faithful with the needed backbone to separate conservative and race politics.

James C. Collier


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Sandy Gholston said...

I am hopeful that Steele can have a positive impact on the Republican Party. However, I will not hold my breath hoping for maturation from a party that still holds men like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity in such high regard. I wish brother Steele the best, but I fear he will become swallowed up in the Republican political machine and end up like all the rest.

Unknown said...

I wish Michael Steele the best, but I can't help but to think his appointment was nothing but a reactionary response from Republicans to change their image as the party of rich angry white men.

Anonymous said...

I know a lot of white guys that are far from rich and our members of the Republican Party. Quit with the stereotypes.

Anonymous said...

All this proved is that we have One Party Rule. I look for Obama to be declared King.

Anonymous said...

Well said. I for one will never understand why people of color choose to be Republican, but to each his own. I in no way like to see Republicans in power, but I also know that we can't be a country of one party. Best of luck to Steele.

Satyrblade said...

(Oops. That should have read "MONKEYS," as in the stuffed simian carried around as a "joke" by that pathetic sack of shit at the McPalin rally a few months back.)

James C. Collier said...

Satyrblade: your comments are invited, but please refrain from gratuitous profanity - my kids read this blog./JC

dw said...

I have been thinking about this nomination for some time now and considering the identity that the GOP attempts to create for it self. I have for at least the last decade considered them to be the party that wants to win at the potential alienation of either constituents or independants. As such, and considering their recent defeat partially at the hands of Sarah Palin, I find it hard to view this decision as anything more than a desperation move.
This appointment almost screams "We got a colored guy to counter yours." That and all the talk of the Indian American Republican Gov. Of Louisiana as a Major potential player in their party all makes everything seem like they want to continue to use checker moves when time calls for chess players. ...Or am I so scared that I just cant see beyond color anymore.

25,black, New York

Vérité Parlant said...

I try, I really do, to be more understanding, but I'm not ready to kiss and make up with the GOP just yet.

I'll have to see not only a change in RNC messaging but also more willingness to play well with others across the board. And they've got to stop looking away, as you mentioned, when prominent Republicans make insanely divisive statements that they play off later as "just joking."

Your post is most eloquent, not showing the level of irritation mine did on the same topic.

Anonymous said...

Michael should thank Obama for being chosen as the head of the RNC.
If Obama wasn't elected.The republicans would have never picked him up. Mr Steele you're just an instrument of theirs.

Very sad!!!

Anonymous said...

I am a white male. What do you want me to do? Support a Party whose policies discriminate against me for things that I had no connection to.
The coming collapse of the US dollar is going to be a wake up call. I am not sure. What is going to happen, but I think the Republic is going to go down in flames.

GoldenAh said...

Outside of being a RNC mouthpiece and sending a few candidates money, I don't see what the big deal is. It's not like Steele ran for President and received the support of 65+ mil. people.

The real test of the GOP is this: where are your black / Latino / Asian elected officials? One or two tokens doesn't count.

The GOP is shrinking, not growing. They've done a masterful job of alienating non-whites, who will be the majority population in the future. The party will have to do more than run on race-baiting sentiments.

Anonymous said...

To Golden I really wouldn't number on the US lasting all that long. Like all Empires we are getting ready to implode. I can only hope that there are a few true patriots still left in our PC dumb downed military that will step in when the time is right and arrest the fools in power that includes our new leader.

Satyrblade said...

>Satyrblade: your comments are invited, but please refrain from gratuitous profanity - my kids read this blog./JC

My apologies, JC. I stand corrected. And thanks for your blog, your thoughts, and the time you spend on both! All are appreciated. :)

Anonymous said...

And looks whats happened to him now... veritably eviscerated in front of national television and amongst his OWN party... ('gee i didnt see THAT comin' ') I still wonder what persons of any shade are still doing in the party that doesnt like ANY of them ( Michelle Malkin definitely included) Half of them are closet racists that say they have no problem with other humans but then will turn around and call all nationalities all sorts of racial slurs and so forth--all the while using the excuse "no offense"--and the other half are members of any of the upwards of 900 ( and counting) Pro White groups, a number that has doubled since about 2003. I dont get it. I guess its true what they say about "a few bad apples"...;-)

Anonymous said...

So anyone who is a member of Abraham Lincoln's party is a racist, eh?

No, the Republican party hasn't abandoned nonwhites. Nonwhites have abandoned the Republican party.

The Democrats have been pandering to minorities with handouts and social engineering for so long that it's simply understood that no Republican at any level can expect a significant portion of their votes. Why would you expect a plethora of minority candidates in the Republican party when most of them are taught from birth to hate the elephant?

No amount of "outreach" will get a substantial number of minorities to jump the fence. Recent history has shown that however much the Republicans pander, the Democrats will pander more.

As a white American, why would I identify with the party of Jesse Jackson and Ted Kennedy? The party that promotes anti-white discrimination through affirmative action and opens our borders to anyone who can find their way here? If whites were as focused on their group interests as minorities are, politics would be a whole different ballgame.

So who are the real racists here?