Saturday, December 27, 2008

Acting White: Barack The Magic Negro

I was not surprised when I saw that one of the RNC leadership candidates was sending around a CD with a song carrying this title. I’m not really offended, as I have come to expect the ‘sour-race-grapes’ out-pouring after the election. Poor losing has become part of American culture, so why should now be any different. I’m sure Bush supporters can point to the same behavior by Democrats in 2004.

Nevertheless, it is interesting how people stick to strategies, when the losing result is obvious. There are plenty of reasons to dislike or disagree with Obama (as with any politician), but after his election, race just does not seem to be a good choice. The race card is tired, and needs a holiday. But some people will insist, knowing no other option.

I would like to see the Republicans clean up their act and broaden their appeal; lest politics becomes a single-horse race. Forget the lunatic fringe, it’s all about who holds the middle. Some Republicans recognize this, many do not. We can only watch to see who comes around and how long it takes.

Meanwhile, Obama has a job to do and no time to concern himself with this B.S.

James C. Collier


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Empty Suit said...

where was this out rage in 07 ?

GoldenAh said...

Rush Limbo was playing this parody of Al Sharpton singing this song, almost two years ago. It was funny, when he played it in context with the subject he was talking about.

This song was created after a black writer for the LA Times called Obama a Magical Negro. And media people were asking if Obama was "black", or something stupid like that.

However, since the RNC/GOP has no sense of humor, and are racially tone-deaf, this is something they shouldn't have touched.

The stupid party strikes again.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]I would like to see the Republicans clean up their act and broaden their appeal; les[t] politics becomes a single-horse race[/quote]

Brother Collier:

Can I talk to you about history as it relates to the BLACK INTERESTS in the face of "racism"?

Do you recall the story of Fannie Lou Hamer? At that time Black folks were in desperate need of POLITICAL SOLUTIONS AND REPRESENTATION that they chose to IGNORE THE RACISTS WHO SOUGHT TO block their membership in the Democratic Party and instead they "Kept Their Eyes On The Prize".

Seriously Mr. Collier (and Rikyrah) - can you tell me the material difference between why then Blacks focused on the NEED FOR CHANGE within our community and our nation that they looked past the slights and fought membership so that change might come from the INSIDE of the party framework. Today, however Black operatives of a particular persuasion demand that the REPUBLICAN PARTY CHANGE before Black folks consider their brand of policies?

This is a critical point Mr Collier for you see regarding where our community stands. I am of the belief that NO PARTY OWNS A COMPLETE SET OF SOLUTIONS FOR WHAT ALES BLACK PEOPLE. In as much as certain Black folks who are interested in "not splitting the Black vote" for their own ideological reasons sit back and say "See I told you they are racists. Keep voting Democrats my brothers and sisters" you should note that they DID NOT SAY:


* Let's NOT SPLIT THE BLACK VOTE because SEE......your communities are now safe for you to live and prosper within

* Let's NOT SPLIT THE BLACK VOTE because SEE where you vote in highest concentrations BLACK UNEMPLOYMENT IS LOWEST.

Do you see the point Mr. Collier?
In allowing certain operatives to split the KEY PURPOSE FOR our Political Activism from the question of WHICH POLICIES and/or WHOM WE SUPPORT collectively - they have not proven to be advancing the BLACK AGENDA.

Instead we have the Democratic Party representing more of the areas where Black folks live than ever before in history.

Likewise the party is growing in territory (around the ring cities of large urban areas) mostly because "Flying Progressives" (white and black)are leaving the progressive core cities and moving out into otherwise conservative areas.

Thus it seems that while no doubt THE REPUBLICAN PARTY MUST CHANGE.....the more considerable amount of change is required WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

Anonymous said...

Well,I do not get Collier's response.The song is racists as is the entire CD which included a ditty called "..Star Splangish Banner..",do not know how that went b/c all the comments were about "Barack".The point isn't about Black people,it is about the large minority of white people who are motivated by race.
But the important issue really is American mythology about it's history and I am afraid that the Blacks on this page who wrote about being Republican have a belief in the great American myths.
if Blacks need to leave the democratic party and join another party it certainly should not be the racists Republican party but perhaps a third party.
Rush playing the song is not as offensive as we all know he is a right winger who plays to the meanest spirits of the most racists of his followers so he can make money.
A candidate for a leadership position of a national political party ought to be inclusive.
While the Black community needs to change the changes required in my opinion have nothing to do with politicis.
And Barack was not elected to advance the Black Agenda.He was elected to advance the American Agenda and that includes fairness to all Americans regardless of color.As Al Sharpton put it the election of Obama will not change what his (Sharpton's)mission is.
One big myth held my some whites is that the US was created for whites only.They fail to misunderstand themeaning of the Civil War and the 13th ,14th and 15th amendments to the Constitution,those events ended the first American Republic which was for white MEN only and gave birth to a 2nd American Republic which we live in now.
Major #1 myth that America's greatness was created my the white settlers who came from England and given free choice created the great industrial Empire.
The truth Slave Labor,labor w/o wages uncompensated and forced created the wealth in the North and the South.Enabled the mills in Britian and then the US to manufacture textiles and ship them throughout the world cheaper than any where else no cost for the raw material.Many Southern Planters where among the top 100 wealthiest men in the World in the 18th Century.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen in my years where someone is touted as a person that will be the end all and do all just BECAUSE of his skin color as Mr. Obama.

Bought any of those coins and plates with his picture on them yet?

Mr. King wanted people to be judged by the depth of their character and not the color of their skin and rightfully so.

Why does this not pertain to Mr. Obama and all the people that currently worship at his feet because he is black?

James C. Collier said...

Anon, 10:59: America has always found lofty perches for its heroes to launch themselves into reality; Obama is no different. Perhaps it is you who is simply not comfortable with this new, unfamiliar, and certainly temporary, race-obsessed brand of hero worship, during these dark times. You need to lighten-up (no pun intended).

Anonymous said...

What I am uncomfortable with is how the same issues that were brought up about Obama during the election were apparently ignored because he was, for the majority of the nation and media, the great black hope.

Had those same issues been used against a white candidate they would have had more effect.

Had McCain had the same issues that were ignored by Obama voters the vote count would have been laughable. Obama would have carried every state.

But as it was he won handily in spite of all the issues voters should have considered and chose not to for so many reasons, mostly reasons with no background in fact but mostly in fiction.

It is now cool to be black, vote black, play rap, talk trash, be a thug, play music with filthy lyrics so loud that it can be heard for 3 blocks.

It's uncool to be white and male.
It's uncool as you point out to be responsible, to do what's right. It is uncool to be considerate of others, to be simply courteous...

It's uncool to use your head for something other than putting a cap on backwards and to use your rear end for something other than letting your pants hang halfway off.

That misappropriated coolness factor overflowed into the election thanks to the media and to the people that just don't see the difference between what is really cool and what is really wrong.