Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Acting White: The Perfect Lie

"John McCain has an illegitimate black daughter!" When the George Bush campaign of 2000 made this claim, they set the standard for the 'perfect lie'. A perfect lie stops a voter dead in their tracks, via some minuscule measure of truth, wrapped in a big ugly. Indeed, Senator McCain has an adopted daughter, not borne by either of his wives, and whose skin is dark complected (making African ancestry plausible). Beyond this, all lies. Bush made this up and sank McCain with it. Now McCain is desperately searching for his perfect lie to sink Obama. But he has two problems. He has not found the lie and his delivery/deliverer, Sarah Palin, is all wrong. Perfect lies must be whispered under the radar of the press, those pesky fact checkers. Bush used telephones, hundreds of thousands of them, while publicly denying their smear effort. Palin is openly accusing Obama of 'paling with terrorists', while the press repeats 'not true, not true'. This is nothing but sloppy dirty-campaigning on McCain's part. It is the same as McCain getting shot off his horse by his Republican peers when he suspended his campaign to save us from the economic crisis. Sloppy, stupid and despicable. I really expected more from big John, son of an admiral. Where's the strategy, where's the cunning and guile? But really, where's McCain's self-respect. This is what some Republicans mean when they tell him to muzzle Palin, but he does not get it.

James C. Collier


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