Thursday, July 17, 2008

Acting White: Hey New Yorker! Nevermind

I got all hot under the collar behind the New Yorker cover, like a lot of America, but now I realize that we got punk'd. No, it wasn't by the NY'r, but rather by the taboos of race, religion, et al. In short, Obama and his supporters risk the (Tom)'Bradley Effect', where supportive whites fail to follow-through with voting across racial lines, because concerns are kept locked away in the taboo closet and not confronted. Satire is one of the ways those concerns come out. Thanks to the New Yorker for braking ranks and 'keeping it real' instead of giving Obama a satirical pass. That cover introduced subjects that if avoided will doom him for sure in the privacy of the voting booth. So I say to all the people, including me, afraid to have the out-in-the-open serious conversation lurking in the humor of a turbin-wearing, fist-bumpin', no-flag-pin-wearing, tough-black-woman-loving, big-eared, fitty-per'cent-skinny-ass-brainiac-black-man - get over and on with it. And finally, blinking at the race-card ain't gonna put anybody atop of the free world - nor should it!

James C. Collier


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Anonymous said...

Yes! Exactly. This is what the New Yorker was saying, and maybe _only_ the New Yorker could. The negative response was from many who didn't understand that the New Yorker has always been at the edge of intellectual satire.

The New Yorker is not Newsweek and not Parade, it is, like the WSJ, Cosmo, and Easyrider, media by which it's readers define themselves.

No one else was confronting this foolishness that was lurking just under the surface...

Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira, aka Ochyming said...


Thank FOX-NEWs first!

Change comes from inside not outside.

Joe Friday said...

Now back to the real issue and away from the distraction.


Anonymous said...

My hero, Boone Pickens, is the first of all the clamoring voices to understand that transportation needs are different and distinct from power generation needs, and to take that difference into account in his proposal.

Wind frees up natural gas which we use to power our cars. No one else has made that linkage, because no one else understands that unless we displace transportation demand, oil prices are not affected by alternative energy schemes.

As a prototypical Texan, Mr. Pickens thinks big. He also has a plan to provide water from West Texas to Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston, whenever they are ready to buy it.

I just hope he lives long enough to see the Billion-with-a-B that he has invested in Wind Turbines be deployed and the transmission lines built.

voteforpadro said...

until you stop pissing an moaning "he's looking at me, he's touching me, he's calling me names" AND to make matters worst you don't mind if this person calls me nigger that but not that one.

the vast majority of the public is not going to be very sympatric or listen to you or anyone else that won't stop the lopsided bitching!!!!

Pedro 08'
Stop the Bitching

Anonymous said...

I really think a couple of years ago I would've been offended by the cover, but now I see that its part of the game and a punch that Obama must take with grace for public trust to continue to grow.

Joe Friday said...

Let the mind control and brainwashing continue.

Anonymous said...

Came upon your blog via the urban reporter, and I love it. Keep writing and keeping up the good fight!