Saturday, November 18, 2006

O.J. Deal Leaves Sour Taste in Many Mouths et al

O.J. Deal Leaves Sour Taste in Many Mouths - Washington Post

Bad Blood - Washington Post

News Corp. Pulls Plug on O.J. Book and TV Show - AP

Like a bad penny, here comes O.J.

Let us hope city, state, and federal prosecutors spend significant tax monies reviewing everything he writes and says, on the off chance that his pseudo-confession can lead to prosecution.

Let us hope that Florida might be so incensed that their laws are an accomplice to his flaunting that they close the loophole that allows him to live wealthy and playing golf everyday, and dreaming up stupid stunts like "If I did it."

Let us hope that the people like Judith Regan and Fox, who would seek to profit from his crime, experience the wrath they so abundantly deserve, by virtue of providing him with even a nanosecond of exposure to spew more lies.

Let us hope that police everywhere will resist the temptation to 'help' the prosecutors by carrying out other than honest law enforcement, which aided the release of a double-murderer.

Let us hope that the money he receives will somehow benefit his abused children, through counseling, and airfare to places as far away as possible from this demented, egotistical lunatic.

But finally, let us hope that people everywhere, especially Black people, who looked at his race as a legitimate reason to free him, accept that he is proof that race or celebrity is no substitute for merit, because on merit he would be rotting in San Quentin on death-row, with others of his ilk, like Scott Peterson, and we would be spared this side-show.

James C. Collier


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Anonymous said...

Nicely done...words I would want to say if I were not so livid and frozen in disgust