Wednesday, April 27, 2011

#16 Why Are Blacks So Violent?

After the recent spate of violence to plague McDonald’s restaurants, I have noticed this question continuing to pop up in discussion forums, and in my head, as well. The answers tossed around are usually either racist/ignorant, PC-silly, or some combination. I thought I would try my hand at something more enlightened. Before I start, the reasons that Blacks are violent are both similar and different than for Whites (who I will cover another time). Here goes.

Reason Part 1. Modern-era ethnic Africans, with ancestral influence dating back at least 5,000 years, and including Africa-Americans, have significantly less relative exposure to the rule-of-law (ROL) and, therefore, less cultural acceptance and manifestation of same. ROL provides a process and procedure for guiding and controlling behavior, and specifically managing conflict.

Reason Part 2. Black Americans, from slavery to recent years, have lived under a compromised (i.e. exploitative) version of this country’s Euro-based rule-of-law, as embodied in the US Constitution. This bastardized ROL singled-out the group for abuse under color of authority, thereby making eventual trust and acceptance in the law nearly impossible, if not always more difficult than with other citizens (especially recent immigrants).

Reason Part 3. The poor and uneducated, in general, have less adherence to the rule-of-law (and protection, as well) even when all additional factors are counted. African-Americans are disproportionately represented in the poor and uneducated demographics.

These reasons are simply explanatory. They are not excuses, nor are they allowances. Regardless of group experiences, Blacks are individuals with full responsibility for their specific actions. Historical experience must never override adherence to laws, even in the case where parts or the whole of the law is errantly applied. To do so invites the greater risk of social collapse, the companion of anarchy.

I'm no authority, just a blogger asking why. Thoughtful alternatives? Come one, come all.

James C. Collier


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Anonymous said...

During slavery and colonialism, blacks were portrayed as childlike and, thus, in need of a strong white hand to guide them. That stereotype served the needs of racist whites at the time. It evolved into the stereotype of the violent, savage black when an excuse was needed to keep blacks in their place. And here we are...

Anonymous said...

Mr. Collier,your analysis is spot on! I totally agree.
As far as solutions, well, we know that solutions that would address the situation are expensive. I think the government would much rather pay a couple more cops salaries and build a couple more jails as that would be much cheaper.
We have the same problems here in Puerto Rico. Just last week an afluent young man from the elite white ruling class, was stabbed to death as he was being robbed of his IPhone. The perp? a 14 year old boy from the projects. Fourteen! and he already had previous misdemeanors!

I would be so interested in your expounding further on this subject. Here in Puerto Rico the Blacks are on the economic bottom rung and have been for decades!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Collier, I would like to know if I may have your permission to post a link to this post when I comment on any other blog. I don't have much knowledge of these things, and I certainly don't want to infringe on a copyright or such. Thank you very much sir.

James C. Collier said...

Desert flower, be my guest, and thanks for asking.

Matt said...

People learn to be civil at home, and American slavery was a concentrated, hundred-year-long assault on the home, the effects of which have certainly echoed down through the generations.

When familial continuity was subjected to the business concerns and sexual whims of the powerful, very little of the sort of socialization that peaceful society rests upon was even possible.

Anonymous said...

Zero caring or compassion for others.

The inability to think, "How would I like it if someone did to me what I do to others."

Thinking that want they want is above all concerns.

Utter contempt for the rights of others.

No morals or ethics. Right and wrong are foreign term.

Utter hypocrisy. I have heard church going black women talk about how to defraud the system to get disability benefits.
Apparently "Thou shalt not bear false witness" was doesn't not apply to them?

How do people get like that?
Always thinking they are a victim and deserving of whatever spoils they can acquire by whatever means.

And the venerable NAACP discusses none of these actions and behaviors that I know of, only issues that can be turned into racial ones.

That's some kind of fine "advancement" you got going on there NAACP......

Any more and all the people that have those ideals will just advance themselves into jail or death, or just advance this country more into the pitiful state it is now in.

Anonymous said...

Although slavery was horrible and wrong, I don't blame this current crop of bulling on this--our ancestos were STRONGER than THIS!! but i BLAME the 'breakdown of the family' I blame the drug culture that came AFTER THE 60s and the wild sex culture--I blame the wild late 60s---I CANT BELIEVE the way we black women as a whole are ACTING!! men too!!percentage wise, we are 12.5, and the BIGGEST MESSES

Anonymous said...

And the two most violent wars in human history (Word War 1 and 2) were caused and mostly fought by whom??


AA TAXI INC said...

I do not believe slavery should be brought into the discussion. Being Irish my immediate relatives were starved out of Ireland, and it is documented, but came here and succeeded. There is not one soul alive now that has any responsibility for slavery or keeping black people "down".

In my opinion, it is an individual choice for a person's life decisions . There is no excuse for a violent life, or criminal life, unless you CHOOSE to go that path. For every example you give me about some poor child born in the projects ending up bad, I can give you an example of a poor child going on the right path.

Personal responsibility is the only thing at play here.

atldude said...

@das, the most powerful countries in the world. people of multiple ethnicities (european, asian, slavic, etc.) If there was a country of majorily african ethnicity that was powerful, they would surely have been involved.

As it is, they are currently (and probably were then) embroiled in civil war, genocide, etc.

What's your point?

Anonymous said...

I would say also, the immense importance that blacks place on personal honor and reputation to be a major factor. No matter how good you are at whatever you do, no matter how much bank you make, if people can't see it and don't know about it, it doesn't matter. That's why rap and basketball stars surround themselves with posses, and why a guy that refuses to brush his teeth will press his jeans and t-shirt every day.

Your rep is your life. So, that means two things: first, when you want to get somebody to do something for you, the best way to do that is to attack his reputation, honor, or social standing, since he'll have to respond to that in some way--either by giving in, or escalating, either of which is better than being ignored (you can make the argument that black people fear being ignored for historical reasons). Second, it means when somebody does go after your rep, you put everything on the line to get it back. Yes, that includes not only your well-being, money, family, friends, and freedom on the line, but even your life. Better to go to jail for assault or worse than be thought of as a bitch.

Most people of other races will fight to defend their property or their family, because these are things they value and put a lot of energy and wealth into. They won't normally fight over being called names or rude gestures (road rage is an exception of sorts) because they don't care: as long as they have their home and car and family, what people they don't really know think of them is meaningless.

Blacks will also sometimes fight for property, family, or friends, but in listening to what these people have to say after the fact it seems their motivations are more along the lines of fulfilling social expectations and doing what they're supposed to.

Anonymous said...

The enormous violence of blacks is better understood in two perspectives:(1) The PreSixties history of slavery and emancipation with another century of migration to the North with gradual adaptation to mostly segregated conditions in a hierarchical society.(2) The total emanicipation of the Civil Rights movement along with monumental changes in our values wrought by the clear victory of liberalism.

Blacks were sporadically violent during the early centuries, but segregation and strict punishment in general kept them from breaking loose. After 1960, however, the entire culture underwent massive changes as teacher authority greatly diminished and parents became more like pseudo-lawyers for their difficult children. Schools were broadly integrated as blacks began to grasp their freedom. However, blacks have responded very poorly to their freedom. Given billions in assistance via government handouts, they persist in failing to :bridge the gap." Thus, billions more are tossed at a problem which was solved 100 years ago by psychometricians.The IQ differential of ONE standard deviation explains both the "gap" and violence. To be dumb one must have a low IQ and much of the black population staggers under the weight of having lower IQ's. They will always explain away failure with pathetic excuses like "no books" or "no parental help" but these are feeble alibis to protect egos.Dumb can be modified slightly, but geniuses do not emerge from an IQ of 75.

The low IQ has much to do with violence. Thinking ahead requires a well funcioning pre-frontal cortex. Here planning and judgments are done by executive circuits responsible for responsible behavior. This involves control of the rage center in the amygdala. When impulsivity and rage converge and a weakly functioning prefrontal region exists, trouble will be a natural consequence. Races vary in their aggressiveness fronm blacks as the worst to Asians as the best. Whites are in the middle. Poverty is a marker for low IQ and other brain deficits that guarantee violence. Mr. Collier's high IQ creates a much better propect for moderating primal urges, as is true with whites and Asians as well. Smart people are generally far less violent but there are exceptions like Ted Kysinski. The genetics of all this are being woked out as we speak, but Collier's liberal, evironmentalist theory has only a grain of truth.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you could be more insulting (or racist), to modern blacks, in excusing away abhorrent behavior.

Whatever trangressions and injustices suffered by blacks in this country, to say that they are incapable of taking advantage of the opportunities today, and reaching their highest intellectual potential is to say they are not capable of intellectually moving beyond the past. That is racist.

My people (the Jews), were slaves for thousands of years. 60+ years ago, they were almost exterminated entirely.

Where are we (Jews) today? In the top financial institutions, judicial bodies, academic institutions, research facilities, et al.

There is no reason, or set of excuses, for the black race not to do the same. Oprah is the most powerful woman on the planet. Period. She suffered dearly in the past. She suffered at the hands of whites, and even her own people. She used every opportunity to better her life, and did not let the past, allow her to wallow in her own self-imposed inertia.

When white people excuse away black, bad behavior, they are in a racist way, making themselves the great, white protector to America's noble black savages. When black people excuse away bad black behavior, they do so because they believe that any criticism of a black (or group of blacks), is a condemnation/judgement of the entire black race.

It's time to hold people accountable for their actions, and to start expecting more from them. To excuse/ignore bad behavior only tells them it's ok to continue living violently. Where does that lead? Prison or death.

There have been 114 murders in Baltimore this year. 104 of them were black men/women. Many of them teenagers, or younf adults. A 14 year old black girl killed a man while robbing him. A man stabbed a young Johns Hopkins student to death, even though he gave him everything he had.

I guess that's ok when you're tucked away in the safe arms of academia, with all your theories and statistics. Meanwhile, a generation of black americans is committing indirect genocide.

Shawn said...

Thanks for the post. I honestly think it is because Blacks have more testosterone than other races (hence more prostate cancer) which leads to impulsive behavior, including extroversion, Blacks being far more extroverted than Asians and Whites. And then there is the IQ factor as well, Blacks tend to score behind Hispanics, Asians, and Whites.

I hope this contributes to the conversation.

Had Enough said...

Can't be much of a proud race if they can't get their s**t together after 150 years of freedom.

Blacks will always be the victim so long as they play the victim.

Anonymous said...

Any past atrocity that one race may have been subject to does not release that race from conforming to a law abiding peaceful society.

Using the past as an excuse to commit robbery, murder, rape, etc. is not a valid defense. The black race proves it is violent, not just in America, they are violent all over the world. Slavery cannot be used as a blame all. Something is wrong with the black race, and I think it is genetic.

Anonymous said...

As one blogger stated, Blacks have much more testosterone than Whites or Asians. We see this in their propensity for increased muscle mass(which helps them in athletics, and the results are obvious), tendency to have hypertension, deeper voices and coronary heart disease, all the result of higher testosterone levels, and is one of the factors that allows women to generally live longer than men.
On the subject of IQ, Blacks consistently score MUCH lower than Whites or Asians. This in not a subject for debate. The accomplishments of White and Asian societies are light years ahead of Black societies, when on their own, are basically in the Stone Age, while Whites have walked on the moon(without any help from a Black contributor) several times - more than 40 years ago. Our Black president has basically gutted NASA, because he hates White accomplishment and the space program illustrates these White achievements.
I've digressed. Black problems stem from much lower IQ and much higher testosterone. It's as simple as that.

Anonymous said...

The feminist movement has destroyed the black home. The pushing of drugs in black communities has destroyed the black home. The corrupt judicial and political system has destroyed the black home. The Zionist owned liberal media has destroyed the black home. Corrupt gang leaders destroyed the black male. The CDC, who was recently exposed for deliberately inoculating black males in my generation with mercury laden MMR vaccines that caused autism numbers to skyrocket. You see there has always been a conspiracy to destroy the black home. The world wants to blame us blacks for our bad situation but nobody wants to admit we have always been under attack and marked for extinction.

Anonymous said...

Most of modern technology and culture can be attributed to blacks. Do your research about the inventions of blacks. Many of which never received credit for them. IQ and high testosterone is not the problem, its a lack of African centered philosophy and self identity that plagues our community.

Anonymous said...

BlueRacer said...

Would you please share the inventions and contributions to modern culture and technology?

James C. Collier said...