Thursday, July 03, 2008

Acting White: DOG The Bounty Hunter is back!

How surprised I was to see a rerun of DOG, while channel surfing past A&E last night. Recall that his son sold his N-word laced phone conversation to a tabloid, thereby getting Dad and Family fired last year from the popular series. Well all is forgiven at A&E and the DOG is more or less back chasing down bail-jumpers.

As a sidebar, I’m not sure if partner Tim ‘not-a-real-relative’ Chapman will be back, since he was busted for terrorist behavior and indecent exposure during the hiatus. It seems Tim was trying a less acceptable outlet for the build-up of testosterone he normally reserved for the bad guys. I think they should have an episode where Tim jumps bail and DOG tracks his ass down, YEAH!

Anyway, I think DOG deserves another chance to act stupid while entertaining the world. That’s America. All my new NASCAR buds should not be deprived of one of their favorite shows forever. Its not like he said somebody famous and black should get lynched – like that golf lady. He did his time, said he is sorry, so let him back in the house already.

Now I ain’t saying that I want to go fishin’ with DOG, or anything like that, but black folks shouldn’t be treating the N-word like somebody just drove through a school yard of children either. If he messes up again, revoke his ass, but in the mean time I'm willing to look at his transgression in the greater scheme of things.

James C. Collier


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Anonymous said...

All the media owes Blacks is a apology. Since we don't own anything and won't stop being the country's number 1 consumer they don't give a rats ass.

Everytime this happens I think the media waits to see if Blacks get mad. If Jesse, Al or Spike say something, if not they will let it go.

This country is ran on money and his show makes money. The network will forgive him even if the Blacks don't.

See you at NASCAR!

Freeman P.

AAW said...

At the time Dog committed his N-word expletives, I said I was sick of the apologies. It just seems all a person had to do was use the N-word to gain some publicity (which in Hollywood, for the most part, is a good thing) then make some apology.

But I watched his mea culpa moment on Larry King with his Pastor (who's black), Tim Storey and I must say he was just dumb not a racist. Give him another chance.